Chart of Most Visited Websites Worldwide in 2024 (by Monthly Traffic)

Most Visited Websites in 2024

With the number of internet users increasing year after year, understanding consumers’ behavior online and, in particular, the top websites they visit is more relevant now than ever for ecommerce businesses. 

Here’s a look at the ranking of the most popular websites worldwide.

Most visited websites ranked by their monthly traffic (April 2024)



Monthly traffic


136.59 billion


94.56 billion


14.16 billion


6.85 billion


6.71 billion


5.89 billion


5.23 billion


3.64 billion


3.58 billion


3.51 billion

Most popular websites: key takeaways

  • remains the undisputed leader in terms of web traffic, boasting an astonishing 136.59 billion visits per month.
  • Social media giants like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram also dominate the list, reflecting social networks’ popularity among internet users.
  • The presence of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing on the list of the most visited websites highlights consumers’ high dependence on them. 

Most visited websites in 2024: breakdown by monthly traffic

1. (136.59 billion)

  • Bounce rate: 42.21%
  • Pages/visit: 4.03

Boasting 136.59 billion visits (and the only one to exceed the 100 billion mark), Google is the world's most visited website, serving as the primary search engine for millions of users. This should come as no surprise, considering its dominance in the global search engine market share. In fact, as many as 8.5 billion queries are carried out on Google every single day. Its vast array of services, including search, maps, and email, makes it an indispensable tool for navigating the internet.

2. (94.56 billion)

  • Bounce rate: 35.8%
  • Pages/visit: 6.49

Google is followed by the video-sharing channel YouTube, also owned by parent company Alphabet. The top video marketing platform worldwide receives close to 100 billion visits every month. Coupled with Google, it’s no wonder parent company Alphabet’s market cap is currently in the trillions. 

Not only is YouTube the second-most visited website, the average amount of time spent on YouTube has also been rising in recent years, from 39.7 minutes a day in 2019, to 48.7 minutes in 2024.

More impressively, of the 10 on this website ranking, YouTube has the honor of being the website with the lowest bounce rate and highest number of pages viewed per visit.

3. (14.16 billion)

  • Bounce rate: 52.37%
  • Pages/visit: 5.01

YouTube is followed by social media giant Facebook, which records 14.16 billion monthly visits, the majority of which no doubt come from its 3 billion-strong user base. If you’re thinking about creating a Facebook page for your business to leverage this traffic, make sure to have a look at the top Facebook pages to see what they’re doing right.

4. (6.85 billion)

  • Bounce rate: 62.69%
  • Pages/visit: 2.4

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia ranks fourth among the top websites in the world and is the first one that’s neither a search engine nor a social media platform. It receives 6.85 billion visits per month and the average visitor views just 2.4 pages before leaving the site—the lowest of the 10 on this website ranking.

5. (6.71 billion)

  • Bounce rate: 55.89%
  • Pages/visit: 6.36

Generating 6.71 billion visits a month, the popular social media network Instagram is the fifth-most visited website. The Meta-owned entity also registers a bounce rate of 55.89% and the average number of pages visited per user stands at 6.36. 

In 2024, the number of Instagram users worldwide is anticipated to rise to 1.4 billion, from 1.35 billion in 2023.

6. (5.89 billion)

  • Bounce rate: 55.43%
  • Pages/visit: 5.16

Micro-blogging social media site Twitter, which recently rebranded to X, ranks sixth. Known for its real-time updates and short-form content, Twitter is a key platform for news, discussions, and social networking. Its influence extends across various fields, from politics to entertainment. In fact, as many as 61.1% of users say they access the network to keep up to date with news and current events.

7. (5.23 billion)

  • Bounce rate: 63.12%
  • Pages/visit: 2.66

Reddit, a community-driven platform, is the seventh-most popular website. It plays host to discussions and content sharing across countless topics and interests, while its unique structure of subreddits allows users to find and contribute to niche communities.

With 5.23 billion website visits a month, the majority of Reddit users use it to look for entertaining content and stay up to date with news.

8. (3.64 billion)

  • Bounce rate: 68.16%
  • Pages/visit: 2.63

Eighth on the list of the 10 most popular websites in the world is another Meta-owned entity: WhatsApp. Though it started out as a messaging app, it’s been categorized by many as a social media platform thanks to its huge variety of social features. 

With close to 3 billion users worldwide, its ease of use and widespread adoption make it a vital communication tool in all corners of the globe.

9. (3.58 billion)

  • Bounce rate: 47.91%
  • Pages/visit: 3.27

WhatsApp is followed by the search engine, with 3.58 billion monthly visits. Despite commanding a search engine market share of just over 1%, its high rank on this list of the most visited websites indicates that Yahoo remains a significant player in the web portal and search engine market. 

Search aside, it offers a range of services, including email, news, and finance, attracting a steady flow of visitors every month.

10. (3.51 billion)

  • Bounce rate: 39.98%
  • Pages/visit: 5.13

Bing, a search engine developed by Microsoft, rounds out the list of the most popular websites. Receiving 3.51 billion visits a month, it continues to be a popular alternative to Google with its unique features and seamless integration with other Microsoft services.

Most visited websites: summary

This website ranking reveals a clear dominance of search engines and social media platforms.,, and are the primary search engines, reflecting users' constant need for information and navigation tools. Meanwhile, social media giants like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and WhatsApp highlight the importance of connectivity and content sharing in our daily lives. This mix of platforms underscores the varied ways in which we engage with the internet, each serving unique and essential purposes in the digital ecosystem.

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