In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Twitter, now rebranded as X, remains a pivotal platform. This is despite the falling number of Twitter users worldwide, which is projected to decline by 5.1% in 2024, to 335.7 million. 

Unlike other popular social media platforms that emphasize multimedia or messaging, Twitter has its own unique niche and crowd. This prompts the question: Why do people use Twitter? In this article, we explore the top Twitter uses and what makes it stand out among giants like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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What is Twitter used for: Top Twitter uses in 2024


Percentage of active Twitter (X) users who do the following on the platform

Keep up to date with news and current events


Follow or research brands and products


Look for funny or entertaining content


Post or share photos or videos


Message friends and family


The latest usage statistics on what people use Twitter (or X) for highlight the network’s multifaceted nature. Here’s a breakdown of the top Twitter uses in 2024.

1. Keeping up to date with news and current events (61.1%)

The data on Twitter use shows that it is currently the leading social media platform for users looking to stay informed about news and current events. More than three out of every five Twitter users are on the platform to stay up to date with current events. 

This figure surpasses that of Facebook (59.1%) and significantly outstrips Snapchat, where only 21.2% of those on the platform use it for news. According to a recent study, two-thirds of journalists list Twitter as their go-to social network for work. The presence of the high number of journalists on Twitter enhances its reputation as a prime source for news.

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2. Follow or research brands and products (35.5%)

What else is Twitter used for? This next statistic on Twitter use is sure to interest online business owners: More than one-third of Twitter’s users engage with the platform to follow brands and research products. This makes it a valuable tool for businesses looking to increase visibility and sales.

3. Look for funny or entertaining content (35.4%)

A substantial portion of Twitter’s user base also logs on to find humorous and entertaining content, highlighting the platform’s role in not just information but also entertainment.

4. Post or share photos or videos (26.8%)

While not as prevalent as on Instagram, where 70.1% of its users post multimedia on their accounts, more than one in four Twitter users also utilize the network to share personal media, contributing to a mix of content on the platform.

5. Message friends and family (16.2%)

Compared to platforms like Facebook, where 72.6% of users communicate with friends and family, and Instagram at 59.3%, Twitter is clearly a less popular medium for personal messaging. Just 16.2% of its users are on it to communicate with friends and family. This highlights Twitter’s role as more of a public forum than a medium for private social interactions, which is a contrast to the more personal and intimate exchanges seen on some other popular networks.

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