The latest data shows that in the United States, smartphones are currently the most popular devices among consumers, with 96.1 percent of them owning the device. Despite the high figure, it marks a 0.4 percent decrease from the previous year.

The high ownership of smartphones in the US is in line with the number of cellular mobile connections. At 353.5 million, this number actually represents 105.9 percent of the US population. In other words, there are more mobile lines than people in the US. 

Computers (both desktops and laptops) and tablets are the second- and third-most-popular electronic devices. Just under seven in ten people (69.1 percent) in the US own a laptop and/or desktop, and nearly half (48 percent) own tablets. Laptops and desktops are also the most popular devices used to go online, with 76.4 percent of the US population choosing to access the internet on their computers.

Despite ranking so high, these devices have actually seen a slight fall in ownership from the previous year. The proportion of US consumers who own computers fell by 5.7 percent while that of tablets fell by 4.4 percent.

The most popular devices to have increased in ownership over the past year are virtual reality devices. Ownership increased 18.5 percent year over year. The largest fall was experienced by games consoles, with the number of people in the US owning games consoles decreasing by 6.3 percent. Interestingly, though, the amount of time spent on games consoles increased, rising 16 percent to 87 minutes per user per day. 

Virtual reality devices aside, consumers now also own more TV streaming devices, smartwatches or smart wristbands, and feature phones. 

Here’s how these popular electronic devices have grown in popularity over the past year:

  • TV streaming device: 0.5 percent increase to 36.7 percent ownership
  • Smartwatch or smart wristband: 9.5 percent increase to 30 percent ownership
  • Feature phones: 9.8 percent increase to 4.5 percent

Tablets and smart home devices also currently rank among the most popular devices in the US, despite a fall in ownership. Here’s how they’ve performed:

  • Tablets: 4.4 percent fall to 48 percent ownership
  • Smart home devices: one percent fall to 20.7 percent ownership

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